'A' is for 'Adam', and ACTION!

Wow! This is it! The start of something I hope will be really REALLY great! I've had my heart on Bible ABCs for quite some time, and now it's actually happening! How awesome! 

I guess I got 'serious' about doing this app around August of 2013. I had done an ABCs app before, so from an art perspective, I knew what I was in for. I didn't know, however, ANYTHING about the programming side. I had used Unity (the game engine I'm creating this app with) once or twice before, and I really had no idea what I was doing and ran back to trusty Photoshop. Then, through some projects at work, I got quite familiar with it. This lead to me picking up Playmaker for programming, and diving into development all on my own!

The current Adam design.

The first version of Adam. YIKES!

With each character I illustrate I feel I gain a new insight into them. I feel that Adam is such a good character to start with for me. Adam had no idea what was ahead. Life, in all it's twists and turns, was uncharted territory for him! Now, on a much MUCH MUCH smaller scale, I find myself at the beginning of something. It could be great! It could be a disaster! It could fizzle out and die. It's unknown! At least (compared to Adam) I have examples to follow, tutorials to read, friends I can lean on for tech support (shoutout to Mike and Asa)!

So buckle up! Get ready! Lights! Camera! ACTION! Today is the start of something! I don't know what that is, but I'm so excited to have you guys along for the ride!