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Welcome to the Noah's Elephant in the Room Press page. Here you will find screenshots, trailers, facts and info about the game as well as what's at the heart of Salvation's Story. If you need any additional information or would like contents of this page in a different format, don't hesitate to reach out and we'll make it available.

Fact Sheet

  • Developer: Salvation's Story Entertainment Inc; based in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
  • Release Date: November 20th, 2017
  • Platform: iTunes App Store and Google Play Store
  • Website:
  • Price: FREE! All Bible memory verses and the farm level of the ark are available for free. More levels of the ark can be purchased for USD $1.99.
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Rating: Everyone but designed for kids from 7-13
  • Press Contact:


Noah's Elephant in the Room is a fun, fast paced, pac-man style mobile app featuring beautiful hand painted environments and 25 fully illustrated Bible verses to memorize. Noah and his sons have all chosen pets, but Noah's (a giant elephant) has grown too big and all the sons ask him to place it back in its pen. Noah agrees, but under the condition that all three sons have to catch him first! Each players elephant starts off fairly slow, but by memorizing scripture pertaining to 5 different attributes (Power, Strength, Sight, Hearing, Food) the player is able to upgrade their elephant to be incredible!

Bible memory stage 1 of 5

Bible memory stage 1 of 5

The Bible memory aspect is where the game truly shines brightest. Each of the 25 memory verses have been hand illustrated to provide visual cues to allow players to memorize and retain each one. To fully max out their elephant, children will joyfully memorize these verses. Other play modes include 'Peanko' which is much like 'Plinko' for all you 'Price is Right' fans but with a peanut-infused twist! Noah's Elephant in the Room is the perfect app for parents who want their children to learn Bible verses while having a fun, friendly and exciting time!


  • Hand illustrated artwork in an engaging cartoon style. A 2 year labor of love!
  • Noah's Elephant in the Room brings together engaging arcade gameplay and captivating Bible memory.
  • Uniquely crafted levels of Noah's ark featuring over 150 animated animals from around the world!
  • 25 fully illustrated Bible memory verses from the Old and New Testament
  • Fun and challenging minigames that mix up the gameplay
  • Easy, swipe-based movement that makes navigation easy for players of all ages
  • Global leaderboards so you can compete against your friends worldwide

Focused on Christ

  • Each decision in the making of Noah's Elephant in the Room stems from the question, "How will this lead a player closer to Christ?" and those answers drove the design.
  • We believe this is the absolute best way to memorize Scripture. Noah's Elephant in the Room uses the 'Mind Palace' technique that's been proven as the leading memorizing technique for thousands of years.
  • By providing a captivating action game where the player does better through upgrades, kids have a fun incentive to delve into Bible memory and feel excited when they learn a new verse.


Bible Memory Trailer

Gameplay Trailer



Salvation's Story is an independent game studio founded in 2014 by animation and video game veteran Joel Aaron Carlson. Salvation's Story is focused on bringing quality Christian educational and entertaining experiences to mobile and social platforms. Since founding, Salvation's Story has released Bible ABCs for kids, Noah's Bunny Problem, Bible Coloring for Kids, and Noah's Bible Memory. Noah's Elephant in the Room will be Salvation's Story's 5th and largest release to date. The app represents 2 years of solid work!

So what are we all about? We want kids to learn about Christ through the channels they use. 70 percent of households with children have a tablet and use those tablets to entertain the kids. At Salvation's Story, we believe each time a child is looking at their device it is an opportunity to teach Christ's love. We want kids to walk away from our interactive experiences with a better knowledge of the Bible that's directed to a relationship with Christ.

We love creating these games for our families and yours! Let's reach the world for Christ!


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