'D' is for 'Daniel' and 'DO IT!'

The time is almost here! Bible ABCs for Kids has been approved by Apple. I'm just in the process of getting all my business stuff squared away before release. Hopefully the app will be released by the end of this month! 

I gotta say, I'm so happy I've taken this step. I have no idea if the app will be a 'success' or not, but just by 'doing it' I've proven to myself that it's possible! There have been so many projects I've started and never finished. I could show you the spreadsheet I have of 'game ideas', or the countless folders of random drawings I had hoped would have turned into something complete. I find it easy to get excited about a project, but it's challenging to keep that level of enthusiasm throughout the entirety of it.

Here are a few things that helped me stay the course:

  1. I had a solid game design that wasn't too extravagant. Too often I bit off more than I could chew! Start small!
  2. I set aside a specific time each day to work on the project (whether I wanted to or not). 4 days I week I would wake up 2 hours early to focus on Bible ABCs for Kids.
  3. I diversified my work. If I was bored with drawing, I'd work on programming, animation, website, sound, anything! It kept progress (and my brain) flowing.
  4. And the biggest thing: I picked something I loved. This wasn't made to make millions. This app was made because I LOVE doing it! (Though making millions would be a nice side benefit!) When that's the foundation I'm building on, it makes it fun the whole way through!

I encourage each one of you to find an idea and 'Do it'! Maybe it's not a video game. Maybe it's a story, a song, a new hobby, a new exercise program. Whatever it is, figure out what you love, make a plan, and 'do it'!