Something's brewin'.....

Unity 3d and Playmaker. So exciting, right? RIGHT!?!

Unity 3d and Playmaker. So exciting, right? RIGHT!?!

Hey, everyone! Joel here! I just wanted to keep you up to date with what's going on at Salvation's Story! Things have been very exciting around here lately. Bible ABCs for Kids had a big update and sale in August, and people all over the world are downloading the app! I got married to the love of my life just 3 weeks ago as well! Woohoo! I couldn't be happier. I've also received some great freelance, and though it's taken some time away from working on more Christian apps (tell your friends about Bible ABCs for Kids!), it's been putting food on the table and I'm very grateful.

I have found the time recently to start on the next bigger and better app from Salvation's Story! The picture is a sneak peek at what I've been up to. Programming can certainly be challenging, but it can also be very VERY rewarding! Expect some cool visual updates soon (state machine charts like above aren't too exciting for 99.9% of the population), and perhaps some videos of the progress. I want to do a much better job this time around of keeping you all informed, and giving you a glimpse into the development/creative process!

Talk to you soon!


P.S. And the more people download Bible ABCs for Kids, the more time I can devote to making Christian apps! Feel free to download ABCs below!