28 Bible Verses to memorize of Power, Faith, Hope and Love

So, a major aspect of Noah's Elephant in the Room comes in the form of Bible memory. Really, I like to think of this game as a Bible memory game. So how do I convince kids to play a Bible memory game?

The secret to Noah's Elephant in the Room is that when you start the game, you may not even realize that there is a Bible memory aspect to it. You'll probably have a ton of fun running Noah's giant elephant around the ark, discovering all the animals, breaking all the crates, scaring the birds, and avoiding the sons as long as possible. AND THAT'S WHERE I HOOK YA INTO BIBLE MEMORY!

Imagine you're playing Pacman. Pacman is great! There are wonderful challenges to overcome and strategies to master. However, if the designer of Pacman said, "If you play this 2 minute minigame, Pacman will level up and be permanently 20% faster!" Now, the people who think Pacman is an 'okay' game, might not bite, but for people who are REALLY enjoying themselves and want to be on top of the leaderboard (or just beat their sibling), this is a no-brainer! Now if the designer said, "There are 28 unique powerups for you to unlock!" the players who want the VERY best Pacman are gonna unlock all 28.

So, to break it down: 

STEP 1 - Make the core game awesome so that players WANT to keep playing it!

STEP 2 - Make the powerups so awesome that the players WANT them all!

STEP 3 - Make unlocking powerups INSANELY FUN!

I'll wait for another blog post to talk about Step 3. I think I've come up with a way that makes Bible memory INSANELY FUN. No more logging verses away in short term memory and forgetting them soon after. No more mental strain either! Just straight up INSANE FUN.