Red and Yellow, Black and White....

A couple weeks ago I was struggling to come up with the letter colours for the Bible Reader app. Then it dawned on me. "I'll just use the colours they've always been!" That's right. The colours they've ALWAYS been.

I didn't know this growing up, but I kinda have a superpower. It took me until my college years before I realized not everyone assigned a colour to each letter! Actually, it was when I was browsing through the internet and came across this wikipedia article on Synesthesia (I LOVE wikipedia). I had no idea I was unique in this way! Ever since I was a kid 'A' has been 'red', 'B' has been 'Blue' and so on. It's pretty odd. Every word has a colour in my head. I tend to remember peoples' names by colour as well (Andy = red, Bobby = blue, etc). If the colours don't flow well together, they're kinda of 'marbleized' in my brain.

So yeah, the colours you see above are what I see when I think of each letter. Well, almost. Some letters are more vibrant/brighter/darker when I think about them, but I gotta fit them into my game's colour palette! I don't think any kid wants to drag around a pure white 'i' on a white background!