Noah's Bunny Problem - Coming soon!


Noah's got a problem.... and it's multiplying.

Hey there, everyone! I've switched gears and have been charging away at the next game from Salvation's Story, "Noah's Bunny Problem". The bunnies have escaped from their pen and have made their way to the deck of the ark! It's up to Noah to block them from jumping into the water, and to stop kissing and making other bunnies!

Hopefully it's a really fast paced and fun game. Noah is such a fun character to animate. I'm sure someone who's tasked with such an incredible challenge is super organized. Now add in a ton of wild animals in a confined space, and SOMETHING crazy is gonna happen! My hope is that I'll be able to release a whole series of fun Noah games. Time will tell! The game should be out in the coming months (fingers crossed). Until then, enjoy these behind-the-scenes videos!